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Born in Israel, 1987. Live in Tzafririm Village, work in Tel Aviv Israel




2009-13    Certificate, MFA in Painting, New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting  and Sculpture, New York, NY.

2006-08    Tel Aviv Museum of Art Education Center, Tel Aviv, Israel.    




Solo exhibitions:


2020    “The Card Players” Maya Gallery, Curator: Tal Yerushalmi, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2020    “Paintings”, Rothschild Fine Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2017    “The Birdcage and other paintings”, Liza Gershuni Gallery, Curator: Ron Bartos, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2013    Two-Person show, Avner Levinson & Uta Patinkin, alternative art space, Brooklyn, NY. 

2013    Two-Person show, New York Studio School, New York, NY.

2012    Graduation Certificate Exhibition, New York Studio School, New York, NY. 

2011    New York Studio School, New York, NY




Selected group exhibitions:


2019    “Connections”, Gerald Moore Gallery,  London.

2018    "Chain Reaction" The Painting Center Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY.

2017    Annual juried exhibition, Bowery Gallery, Juror Kyle Staver, Chelsea, New York, NY.

2016    “Fresh Paint 8” Contemporary Art Fair, Independent Artists Greenhouse, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2015    "Salon HaKubiya", Manofim Art Festival, Jerusalem    , Israel.

2015    “New Faces”, Artspace TLV Gallery, Curator: Zvi Lachman, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2015    ״Second nature״ The Givatayim Municipal Art Gallery, Curator: Doron olak, Israel.

2013    “Drawing From Perception VII”, Wright State University gallery, Dayton, OH.                                               




Work Experience: 


2016 - 20    Owner and Art Teacher, “Atelier” art school for painting sculpting and drawing, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2019           Curate a solo show, Dean Ben Uri, at Maya Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel.

2018           Curate a solo show, Boaz Levental, at Maya Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel.

2018 - 20    Art teacher, Cultural center, Neve Monson, Israel.

2014 - 16    Art teacher, "Sadnat Omaney Hakibbutz" Tel Aviv, Israel.
2014 - 20    Art teacher, "Palace", Tel Aviv, Israel.

2014 - 15    Art teacher, "mikveh israel" school, Holon, Israel.
2013           Curate a group show at the New York Studio School, New York, NY
2010 - 13    Art teacher, Private painting class, New York, NY

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