Uta Patinkin is an Israeli painter living and working in Tel Aviv.

The essential elements of a painting are its color, form and composition and the interrelations between these parts. In these relationships we find the intrinsic human aspects that come to the fore. For this reason Reut found that dealing with the human subject was the most intimate form of her personal expression.

She began her formal training studying painting at the prestigious Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2007. Two years later, she moved to New York City, determined to develop in the classical tradition, and to be exposed to the rich and varied art environment of the city, There she enrolled in the New York Studio School where she received the necessary training in the classical technique as well as the discipline to develop on her own. At the same time, Reut visited frequently at the Metropolitan Museum, in order to become intimate with the works of some of the world's greatest Master Painters. She says facetiously that the Masters at the Met. were her primary teachers

Since 2007, Patinkin has exhibited as a solo artist, and in group shows both in Israel and throughout the United States, receiving several scholarships for her artistic and academic work. In addition to her studio practice, Patinkin currently conducts classes in painting and drawing in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.